Entrepreneurial Mindset: Unleashed

A mighty, invisible pendulum swings, and hard economic times are followed by glowing economic opportunities. Since 2013, the valuation of startups is at an all-time high; the cost of entry is at an all-time low. No one is better suited to take advantage of this stage of the cycle than the entrepreneuMartin Zwillingr.

Forbes Magazine contributor Martin Zwilling remarked on December 25, 2013, “Since the recent recession, and at least partially sparked by it, I’m seeing a real resurgence of the entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity than ever before…The image of an entrepreneur is at an all-time high, so why would you continue to work in a job that you hate, or provides no satisfaction?” Why, indeed.

In the business world, entrepreneurship is often viewed as synonymous with a business model. For example, launching a business and scaling it into a burgeoning franchise is viewed as successful entrepreneurship. This is correct. However, entrepreneurship is more than a model.

An entrepreneur in action is obvious. She is ambitious. She launches one, or even several businesses, and then makes visionary choices to grow these enterprises. She is driven by a strange internal fire. Entrepreneurship is a mindset.

Life is full of opportunities for the person who can rise to meet challenges. People react to these challenges, business or otherwise, differently when they are adventurous or entrepreneurial. However, too many people see themselves as neither adventurous nor entrepreneurial. This does not have to be.

Dictionary.com defines an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

At the core an entrepreneur is an individual that makes innovative choices in the face of risk. The entrepreneurial mindset is most unique in that it sees life as a series of opportunities. An entrepreneur is somebody whose mind is spurred to pursue these opportunities. In essence, entrepreneurship is the portrait of a healthy mind that is confident and empowered to act.

The critical elements that make up the entrepreneurial mindset are innate in every human mind. It only remains to be seen how many minds can be woken up and kindled. The timely, invisible pendulum has swung again. Another wave of opportunities beckon. “Who will wake the next entrepreneur? Who will stir the vast economic giant that lies dormant in so many minds?” The very successful entrepreneur Jason Hope stated on a social media site. The economic dreams of so many are just a revelation away.